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Revaz Javakhishvili


Economic security is the main determinant of national security. The term "national security" was introduced into the political and public circulation for the first time by the US President T. Roosevelt in 1904. In 1934, a governmental committee was created in the USA, whose main task was to ensure socio-economic stability and security in the state. Later, the "Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe - OSCE" was created, which unites 56 countries of Europe, North America and Central Asia, whose main function, along with the political one, is to deepen the economic cooperation of the countries included in the union and ensure its security.

The paper analyzes the essence, levels and structural elements of economic security: economic independence, sustainable development and stability of the national economy, the essence of self-development progress. Factors affecting economic security, internal and external threats, their causes and ways of overcoming them are analyzed in detail.