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Tamaz GamsakhurdiaTeimuraz Pestvenidze


The paper discusses that in a country where laws are enacted and human’s fundamental rights are protected, the government is working day in and day out to improve the country's welfare and it’s living conditions. And each person cares for the formation and development of a high society.  People have conditions to  perform consciously  both personal and state duties. When a citizen feels responsibility before the law, then the government together with the members of the society will be able to solve the problems  the country is facing.

It is also emphasized, that domestic enemies have violated a number of tangible and intangible values ​​of the country and what is the most painful is that we have lost a number of territories of the country.

Special attention is paid to the reasonable and efficient use of the Georgian brand "Borjomi" and other mineral waters for the country. It is also mentioned that in the case of a sharp rising  prices for agro-fertilizers on the world market, we should use the internal resources which are available in the country and produce an effective means of humus. The current crisis should make us think that in the future it is possible  that the import of some food products will be significantly reduced. Therefore, as never before, we should try our best not to leave uncultivated land in order to increase productivity and ensure that the needs of the population are met. Farmers and private landowners, with the help of the state,  should make great efforts to increase the production of abundant crops of agribusiness products. The government must carry out wise reforms that will play an important role to improve the stability of the country, its economy, the welfare of the people, and law and order. The government must take great responsibility to find and use human resources in state and municipal structures. People appointed to responsible positions  should feel the greatest responsibility not to the employer but to the country and the people and demand the same from their employees. Intransigence should be felt in all circles towards the lazy and low-skilled human resources. Special attention should be paid to the strict observance of labor discipline and safety. Everything should be given its real name and punished. If we want to be a worthy member of the European family we must learn to obey the law and take responsibility for our duties.