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Ramaz AbesadzeNana BibilashviliQristine (Ketevan) Kuratashvili


The paper examines the current level of development of ICT technologies in Georgia and proposes the main ways of their further development. It is noted that both fixed and mobile telephone networks, as well as fixed broadband, fiber optic and mobile Internet services, Wi-Fi and DSL services are developing quite quickly in Georgia.The relevant institutional base has been created and is gradually being improved.

Despite the progress, there is still much to be done in the direction of the development of information and communication technologies (ICT) in Georgia, In particular: the main strategic goal should be the development of electronic communication based on modern technologies within the country. creation of space and its integration in the global informational environment; to create new areas based on informational and communicational technologies: electronic commerce, telemedicine, distance learning, intelligent systems and others; turning information into goods, creation and development of the information market; inclusion of general educational and higher institutions in the general information space and provision of these connections with high-speed Internet; Creating an attractive environment for companies involved in the field of ICT; existence of equal opportunities for obtaining information in all regions using information and ICT technologies; development of human resources along with the improvement of informational and telecommunicational technologies;; acquirement of position as a regional leader in the field of ICT technologies by Georgia, etc.

It should be noted that Georgia will not need the same time it took developed countries to achieve a high level of informatization, because we can directly use the world experience. But, at the same time, it is impossible to transfer new technologies without having an adequate foundation. It is necessary to create an appropriate legal base, attract investments, establish an appropriate business culture (knowledge, thinking, experience, mentality) and others. Most importantly, the development of informational and telecommunicational technologies requires an appropriate level of economic development, therefore the processes of economic development and the improvement of ICT technologies must be carried out simultaneously.