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Nazira KakauliaIrma Tkemaladze


As we can see, since 2018, the measures of the countrys labor market policy have been fully focused on creating the necessary conditions for ensuring effective employment, at this stage it is difficult to evaluate the results, although the statistical data of 2019-2020 showed an improved situation, which would probably have continued in the coming years as well, if not for the pandemic crisis.

In conclusion, it can be said that labor market policies are more "sensitive" in nature than other policies. Therefore, choosing the distortionist model emphasized by the World Bank or the interventionist model prioritized by the International Labor Organization will not lead us to the results that may have been achieved in other countries. In our opinion, it is recommended to use a more intermediate approach, which considers the labor market policy in the framework of the general economic policy, and the final goal of economic reforms is not only a high rate of economic growth, but also an increase in the well-being of the population. By studying the employment policy, it became clear that the course of the last period is actually aimed at providing effective employment, at the same time, complex measures are being taken to improve the current situation in the labor market.

Key Words:Remote employment, State employment policy, Economic development, Transformation of employment forms.