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Nino Mamuladze


Studying customer behavior is the most important task of marketing. Without its studies, it is impossible to create a product or service that will be able to take its place in a competitive market. Consumers differ in psychology, degree of perception, attitude towards goods / services, and their consumer behavior is variable at the expense of different motivations. It is one of the most important circumstances to study these changes, to determine the behavior of consumers and to identify the factors that affect them, which influence the behavior of consumers on the social network.

In the modern marketing world, the user is distinguished by activity on the social network, is informed about different types of information about the company's activities and specifics, reads feedback and evaluates the activities of various brands. One of the main tasks of marketers is to identify user behavior on a social network and specifically to determine what circumstances the user responds to and what specific actions they take on the social network.

This paper discusses the factors affecting consumer behavior, possible causes of changes in their behavior, and the impact of social networking as a modern digital marketing on consumer behavior.

Key Words: Consumer, consumer behaviour, social networks, social media.