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Manana KharkheliGiorgi Morchiladze


It covers such a problematic issue as multinational staff management. Today the number of labor immigrants in Georgia is not large, this problem does not exist yet, but "tomorrow" it will definitely arise, and managers of Georgian companies should meet this situation so that they do not find it difficult to manage employees with foreign culture and do not repeat the examples. Which is what happens in other countries due to their incorrect and faulty management. The article lists the number of working days lost (missed) by the strikes and demonstrations of such mixed groups for this reason. The biggest loss for this reason is recorded in Iceland.

The article emphasizes that the multinationalism of the team is a challenge for Georgian managers in terms of management complexity, but at the same time "it gives creativity and, therefore, a strategic advantage" and therefore they should not be afraid of this innovation. They need to get it, but they need to be prepared for the process. First of all, they should get acquainted with the laws and by-laws of Georgia regulating this issue, and then study the cultures of the peoples of the world.

The author of the article gives advises the managers of the Georgian company to get acquainted with the research conducted byG. Khofsted and P. Tremponares in this area, however, also notes that this will not be enough for them, as this study does not characterize all the peoples of the world.

Managers of Georgian companies at this stage especially need to understand the cultures of the peoples of Georgia's neighbor (Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Armenia) and nearby countries (China, India), as they clearly dominate the total number of immigrants in Georgia today. The author also expresses the expectation that since China and India are countries with surplus populations, we should expect an increase in immigrants from them in Georgia. He also points out that the peoples of these countries are of a collective culture, for them not the personal family is in the foreground, but the country (society as a large family - "Chinese society", "Indian society") and they have great trust and love for it.

The Chinese and Indian peoples are the "masters" of teamwork, so people of this nationality who come to work in Georgia should only be given jobs in teams.

Keywords: globalization; Labor immigration; The structure of the labor team; Multinational team; The culture of the peoples of the world.