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Climate change is a global problem that leads to the formation of various natural and natural problems and in some cases the development of disasters. It is disasters that have a negative impact on disrupting the stable socio-economic life of countries and their population.

Climate change is a natural process, although almost 95% of it is caused by human activity. As a new conceptual challenge, it was observed in the middle of the last century, when an unprecedented and irrelevant increase in the average annual temperature of the world was revealed. Although the climate has changed throughout the history of human existence, it has been a consistent and dynamic process. Uncontrolled human impact on the environment contributed to the acceleration of the climate change process.

Climate change is recognized as the most pressing challenge facing humanity. The concern of modern society and science is that the global climate is changing rapidly and gradually becoming warmer. If the country's natural resources and economic sectors are determined by the climatic parameters in their territory, the change of these climatic parameters, i.e. the change of climate and climatic zones, will divide the countries in the face of the need to change their economic directions.

According to specialists, the causes of frequent natural events in recent years are related to global climate change. According to scientists, the first task in understanding the problematic nature of the issue and the way to solve it is to determine the role and functional participation of each citizen. The fact that we create the environment is not disputed. Our irrational attitude towards nature may threaten the existence of life on our planet. Humans owe a modest attitude towards nature.

XXI century is  a new time, with a new way of thinking, demands to maintain a harmonious relationship with the world. At the modern stage, climate change is an inevitable fact. According to experts, the process requires implementation of adapted material and non-material activities as much as possible.