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The article includes Georgian Products – wheatgrass powder and vegetable tea production the meaning, Miss appropriate parties as human's for health as well of Kakheti of the region economic strengthening and environment protection at an angle product is produced Georgian, endemic species of Wheat biologically clean grains biological with treatment cited from of wheatgrass information with usefulness it the world level of scientists position research there is our product manufacturers between the company biotechnologies, scientists, whose since 2010 are working Georgian, endemic species of wheat collection on creation, natural with treatment wheatgrass to bring and wheatgrass information preparation the best on technologies.

Scientists team, them between mentioned of the article Author since 2005 works biological with Innovative treatment products on making. Team significant role is intersected endemic species of wheat collection, as well biologically clean fertilizers and plants physical Protection means, and we offer team year published was working Georgian of Wheat healthy and beneficial Wheatgrass bringing on technologies, as open On the ground, as well greenhouse plant from unique Information get team also works energy-efficient greenhouses. The topic which hand Apartment healthy products to bring organic on the soil, the sun radiation high of concentration in the background, so that greenhouse economic expense let it be year low. Energy efficient greenhouse products are developed ecologically safely, and low spending is the heater which will strengthen accepted product safety.

Fresh Wheatgrass, psychologist exotic and concrete scientific represents competitive product; expensive cocktails brought up Company, modern It is getting worse in restaurants. However, wheatgrass information specialness is revealed as the general, visual, and qualitatively characteristics. Wheatgrass alive Challenge can provide human clients a whole year to provide crucial vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and vegetables. Which, that wheatgrass utility State let it be maintained final in the product, preferably his raw protein crush or drying up and powder protein reception much foreign research confirms that usually Product wheatgrass information freezing or save refrigerator product conditions his of usefulness Sensitive small. Wheatgrass Freshly squeezed information reception is an object Maximum 20-30 minutes the whole, but wheatgrass powder reception happens his of aqueous solution form, and during the 2022 year Finally, for the first time will be created in the Caucasus Innovative Product - Georgian of wheatgrass powder and vegetable tea, it is also planned Wheatgrass with powder enriched fruit and products Cheering Production global money export organization.

Twenty-first century is the most considerable Challenge, then healthy nutrition, health protection, non-contagious to money and Life on extension care, precisely Covid-19. In this era, it is rejuvenated and provoked as another disease.

Green plants' healing power has been known since all mammal illnesses addressed green mass. It will be explained by plants Chlorophyll high containing Chlorophyll is a whole vegetable of the world the stem, and it represents this radiation at the first product and in it more lighting energy than other which in the element. This Lighting energy click, chlorophyll photosynthesis process produced part for plants, transforms water and carbon dioxide into oxygen and glucose.

In Wheatgrass, also Chlorophyll restores blood flow. Various on animals. Information on the principle showed that Chlorophyll is free of any toxicity from the reaction. Chlorophyll creates at the same time, blood red qualification quantity the norm returns in 4-5 days whole, that in animals which specifically strong with anaemia or red qualification low Numeracy because of the Knowledge.

Due to the fact that the consumption of wheat germ juice improves the functioning of the digestive system, regulates the digestion process, it is recommended to use it in the treatment of constipation. The large amount of magnesium in the juice plays a big role here.

Freshly squeezed wheatgrass juice is bright green, which is why its use is increasingly active in cooking, bars and restaurants. Wheatgrass juice is used in dishes to get a natural green color, for example green ghomi is prepared. In bars, many interesting bright green alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails are prepared from wheatgrass juice.For people in favour of fresh Wheatgrass for use, the review condition is that beginning plant, wheat grain let it be biologically clean and you Wheatgrass bringing colour protected let it be biological Medicines.

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