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Lela Menabdishvili


Population growth and reproduction are determined by the ratio between birth rates and mortality rates. This ratio is called natural increase. Depopulation in the country began 28 years before the pandemic broke out. The rate of natural increase has been declining since 1992. In 2000-2004, the natural increase of the population was practically zero. This process is mainly associated with a significant reduction in the birth rate. The birth rate in the XXI century was the highest in 2014. It has been declining every year. The pre-pandemic rate is higher than the pandemic rate.
In 2016, the birth rate decreased by 4.7% compared to the previous year. In 2020 compared to the previous year by 3.8%. In 2021 by 1.2%.In the country, the birth rate decline is not linked to a pandemic. However, the pandemic has affected the increase in mortality rates. It is about in 2021. The death toll in 2021 is 18.5% higher than the death toll in 2020. If, before to the pandemic, natural population growth in Georgia was negative in some regions,during the pandemic, the negative natural increase spread to all regions except the Autonomous Republic of Adjara.This means that thenumber of population will be further reduced.

Keywords:ChildbirthMortality, Natural increase